Practicum Student Program

Practicum Training in Psychotherapy


The practicum provides an integrated training program of on-site counseling and intervention services for families in a caring and supportive environment. Professionals work with families to break the cycle of abuse and neglect by identifying, assessing and intervening. Child Haven staff provides treatment of child physical, sexual and neglectful abuse in various modalities. Child Haven's multi-disciplinary professional team includes clinical and developmental psychologists, play therapists, MFT's, educators, LCSW's, special education facilitators and outreach personnel.


Practicum Students will have the opportunity to work with families, groups and individuals who’ve suffered various forms of trauma and/or abuse in a supportive environment. Students will receive individual and group supervision along with a year-long seminar colloquium. All students will have the opportunity to learn about child abuse treatment from both a practical/intervention and theoretical perspective.

Please email to obtain more information:

Larry Miller, PhD, Training Director